Los Angeles Dermatology – Dealing with Acne

27 Feb

The field of dermatology is believed to deal with skin and its diseases and is considered to be a specialty from both medical and surgical aspects. One of the common skin condition dealt by dermatology is acne. It is a condition where whiteheads, blackheads and inflamed red lesions are formed.

Acne may be caused by a pore getting clogged in the skin. The pore opens up to a follicle that may contain hair and oil gland. These oil glands may help to keep the skin lubricated removing the old skin cells. Too much oil produced by the gland may block the pores and accumulate dirt, debris and bacteria. The blockage is known as plug or comedone.

Depending on the case, a Los Angeles dermatology may recommend a treatment for an individual. The first step to lessen the effects of acne is to take self-care steps. In case, the blemishes are not helped by self-care steps, over-the-counter medications may be tried.

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